Restaurant Website Design Process

Website design for restaurants with superior quality. Elegant bespoke websites, feature rich with fixed prices which will amaze you. All web design and development undertaken in the UK.

Creating great restaurant websites are one of our key specializations, providing great feature rich websites designed around your restaurant. We have been designing websites for restaurants for many years now and have gained vast experience and insight at developing the correct solution, at the best price. Our restaurant website projects are built with quality and functionality in mind to increase your levels of business and retain customer loyalty. Just have a look at the features you get with a restaurant website designed by Web Design 360 and you will be amazed (See Our Prices section for full details). All of our work is done using the latest CMS (Content Management Systems).

CMS designed websites enable you to update the website as and when you like, restaurant menu's, your front page, latest offers, timed content, social networks, media galleries and much more. You can also view our photo gallery to get an idea of our food photography.

The Design Process

Our process involves complete design, build, test and customer care stages. The stages are outlined below to give you an idea of how attentive we are at ensuring you get the best web design to represent your restaurant and attract new customers and keep the ones you have loyal to your business. 

Initial Contact

We will go through all of your requirements and once we have all of these we will then provide you with a fixed price, we always do this as we understand all of our customers have a budget and don't want any nasty surprises. We will only take full payment once your site goes live or 30 days after the initial start whichever is the sooner.

Stage 1 - Initial Website Design Phase

An initial concept will be designed at this stage and a demo website for your restaurant will be created and hosted on one of our test servers for you to approve. This gives you a chance to see the initial work and comment on any changes required to colours, design or graphic design.

Stage 2 - Build Functionality - Design and Development

The website project at this stage will be fully designed and all functionality will be built into the website. Once again it will be uploaded to our test servers so as you can view your restaurant website and test it for yourself. Once this has been approved then we will move onto the next stages.

Stage 3 - Completion of Website Project

Your restaurant website will now be in completion stages and we will test it on all major browsers and operation platforms to ensure your new website works across the board and on all major modern mobile devices and browsers.

Stage 4 - Project Goes Live

Your new restaurant website will now go live once you give the final approval.

Stage 5 - Support and Training

We will at this stage provide you with training and support for your new website, if you require us to manage it for you we can do this.

Stage 6 - After Sales and Website Optimisation

As well as designing and building your restaurant website we will undertake SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This ensures that when a customer searches for your website they can find it on the internet. We will build Google sitemaps and also add keywords relevant to your website design and submit it to all major search engines on the internet.

Our work never ends here as we provide the full hosting and support so you will always have contact and communication with us via telephone or our help desk system. Our web design company always ensures we offer high quality and affordable restaurant websites to all of our customers.

Quality Restaurant Website Designs - Created with your business in mind.

Restaurant Website Design Packages

Web Design 360 will ensure to optimise your restaurant website to achieve good ranking on google. As well as a giving you a great website, we provide after sales support and training. Below are the main features which come with this package and the price starts at just £395. Each website project we create for our restaurant customers is unique to their business.

Many people will ask why is a restaurant website so important. If you look at the statistics, over 89% of the UK uses the internet frequently. So it is always important to get the right website design for your restaurant to ensure you give the best possible image to your customers. There are many other types of promotion which go hand in hand with your website. These include Facebook, Tripadvisor, Yell and others. All of these allow you to place a website link to your restaurant website. At Web Design 360 we understand the importance of having a good quality website for your restaurant, we have extensive experience in creating functional websites.

The better your website, the more you promote your restaurant, the more your promote your restaurant the more customers you have. Especially in the current climate we know all too well how competitive the market is and to get the best exposure for your restaurant is one of the most important things for the long term survival of your business.

Call us Today and get a quote for your restaurant which we are sure you will be please with.

Please click on the headings below to reveal more details about our high quality restaurant website designs.

Restaurant Web Design Features

  • Contact Form Open or Close

    We will also include a contact form based on your infomration requirements requirements. The contact for can also include drop down options, radio buttons and check box's. This is also linked to yoru websites newsletter email system. This means that every customer enquiry email is stored in your website for future email marketing, we try and ensure we do the best for our customers.

  • Bespoke Website Design Open or Close

    When we start to build your website we start from a blank canvas. We don't use templates as the website is build around your business.

  • Responsive Design (Mobile Ready) Open or Close

    Your website comes with a fully responsive design. This means that your website will detect the device automatically and then present your content in the required format. Hence no need for mobile apps. The websites are tested on all mobile devices including Android & Iphone OS and also cross browser platforms such as Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and others.

  • Unlimited Pages & Modular Open or Close

    Once your website design has been created it is easy to add more content and pages. The pages can be added by yourself so you can modify your site as you like, or you can also ask us to do this for you. This saves you cost in trying to pay for a new website every time your business expands or changes.

  • Full Statistical Reporting Open or Close

    You will also get a statistical reporting tool to ensure you can keep track of all your visitors. This allows you to check how well your business is doing on the internet.

  • Offers & Events Open or Close

    We will create a page for all offers and events which happen at your restaurant,  ensuring your content stays fresh. We can also integrate this with your facebook wall instead which will give instant updates linked with facebook. Only items you post will be visible. This allows your restaurant to post things instantly from your mobile phone.

  • Optimisation Service Open or Close

    All of our websites are build with optimisation in mind and we will ensure the correct keywords are included in your website to obtain the best ranking possible.

  • Restaurant Menu Open or Close

    The whole menu for the restaurant will be created on the website to browse or download. This will always be mobile ready so your customers will be able to view your restaurant menu on any device.

  • Social Network Integration Open or Close

    Your website can also be integrated into all the major social networks such as twitter, facebook, linked-in and others. We can add social network links, share this page etc. This ensure you get the maximum business exposure to make your business a success.

  • Table Booking Open or Close

    We can also integrate the website with opentable if required or we can setup your own table reservations form. This will email you the customer details and will also provide a professional automated reply to the customer.

    The smart thing about this is that it will automatically add the customer into your Email Newsletter system so you can send any new offers or events to your customers.

  • Edit Your Website's Text & Images with Ease Open or Close

    Our content management systems are really simple to use. You can access your website's secure admin area from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. We will provide you with full support and training to ensure you get the most from your website. When you make a change to your website it is reflected instantly on the live website. This gives you total control over your website content. You can have timed content which ensures you can create content in advance and just schedule it, to come live and then expire as you require.

  • Google Map Open or Close

    Your website design will also include a google map of your location and on the mobile view we can set it as a button to send them to google maps to get directions to your business by use of their mobile phone navigation. So no need for them to try and enter the address into their sat nav, just press find us all is done.

  • Professional Food Photography Open or Close

    We can undertake a photo shoot to show off your food at it's best. As many people like to see what you have offer and if your food looks tasty then the customers will book in higher numbers.

  • Web Address and Hosting Included Open or Close

    We can also add for no extra charge a or .com domain name. If you already have a domain name we can get this pointed to our servers and the first years hosting is also included. Our hosting is done on business class hosting servers and we do not use shared hosting. Your website will be backed up on a regular basis in case of the requirement for recovery of the website.

  • Media Gallery Open or Close

    We will include a media gallery into your website so as your customers can view your establishment and also your food.

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