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business website designOur Business Website Design Startup Package offers the best quality at the best price website design for small businesses. Our company provides quality web design in Blackburn and surrounding areas as well as the rest of the UK. We know that there are others who will say they are cheaper, but cheaper does not normally mean better, especially if it is your business on the line. Cheaper will mean looking at functioning cheaper, which may mean loss of business.

At Web Design 360 we always ensure to provide quality work at reasonable prices, we have been designing first class business websites for many years now, some of our clients have been with us for over 7 years. Below are the main features of the Startup Business Package and all from only £295.

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Startup Business Website Design Features

  • Contact Form Open or Close

    We will also include a contact form based on your infomration requirements requirements. The contact for can also include drop down options, radio buttons and check box's. This is also linked to yoru websites newsletter email system. This means that every customer enquiry email is stored in your website for future email marketing, we try and ensure we do the best for our customers.

  • Bespoke Website Design Open or Close

    When we start to build your website we start from a blank canvas. We don't use templates as the website is build around your business.

  • Responsive Design (Mobile Ready) Open or Close

    Your website comes with a fully responsive design. This means that your website will detect the device automatically and then present your content in the required format. Hence no need for mobile apps. The websites are tested on all mobile devices including Android & Iphone OS and also cross browser platforms such as Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and others.

  • Unlimited Pages & Modular Open or Close

    Once your website design has been created it is easy to add more content and pages. The pages can be added by yourself so you can modify your site as you like, or you can also ask us to do this for you. This saves you cost in trying to pay for a new website every time your business expands or changes.

  • Full Statistical Reporting Open or Close

    You will also get a statistical reporting tool to ensure you can keep track of all your visitors. This allows you to check how well your business is doing on the internet.

  • Optimisation Service Open or Close

    All of our websites are build with optimisation in mind and we will ensure the correct keywords are included in your website to obtain the best ranking possible.

  • Social Network Integration Open or Close

    Your website can also be integrated into all the major social networks such as twitter, facebook, linked-in and others. We can add social network links, share this page etc. This ensure you get the maximum business exposure to make your business a success.

  • Edit Your Website's Text & Images with Ease Open or Close

    Our content management systems are really simple to use. You can access your website's secure admin area from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. We will provide you with full support and training to ensure you get the most from your website. When you make a change to your website it is reflected instantly on the live website. This gives you total control over your website content. You can have timed content which ensures you can create content in advance and just schedule it, to come live and then expire as you require.

  • Google Map Open or Close

    Your website design will also include a google map of your location and on the mobile view we can set it as a button to send them to google maps to get directions to your business by use of their mobile phone navigation. So no need for them to try and enter the address into their sat nav, just press find us all is done.

  • Animated Banner Open or Close

    With your website we will design an animated banner of 3 slides. All images can be provided by you or we can provide a selection from out stock photo library. All of which are Royalty Free and correctly licenced.

  • Web Address and Hosting Included Open or Close

    We can also add for no extra charge a or .com domain name. If you already have a domain name we can get this pointed to our servers and the first years hosting is also included. Our hosting is done on business class hosting servers and we do not use shared hosting. Your website will be backed up on a regular basis in case of the requirement for recovery of the website.

  • up to 4 Pages Open or Close

    We will design up to a 4 page website based on your business requirements. Web Design 360 will assist you in completing the write up and advise also on certain keywords to ensure you get the maximum natural search engine optimisation.

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